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Experian ( http://www.acif.org.au ) is a global leader in information services for the prevention of credit and fraud risks, the marketing and data protection of companies and consumers. By providing data, software and analytical tools all over the world,


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The family of services dedicated to connectivity and broadband and ultra-broadband data transmission has for years distinguished Retelit in the telecommunications sector. 


The service offers dedicated Internet access designed for large companies and based on ultra-fast fiber connectivity. 


The WAN (Wide Area Network) company, for years have suffered from performance issues, bottlenecks and high latency. The adoption by companies of expensive dedicated lines has not helped to mitigate the problem.

Virtual Private Network

VPN – Virtual Private Network – is the secure solution to interconnect all the offices of a company . The Virtual Private Network service allows you to create your own intranet and connect the company’s headquarters or company to a Data Center.


The suite of Voce di Retelit services is structured to respond flexibly to the communication needs of multi-site companies. 

The aim is to guarantee a dedicated voice network and a high quality of service at advantageous prices. 

International Connectivity

The service allows to extend its international fiber connectivity also abroad, maintaining high reliability and efficiency. 


Internet for Operators and Service Providers

Retelit’s Internet services are enhanced by an Internet collection and access infrastructure and strategic agreements with the largest national and international Internet peering providers.

The solutions for direct access to the network and connection with the main national and international Internet exchanges are distinguished by high performance and flexible and diversified transmission capacity to best meet the business needs of Operators and Service Providers.

The Retelit network

With 19 of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, Retelit has created the latest generation submarine cable system connecting Europe to the Far East via Africa, the Gulf countries and South Asia.
The cable guarantees the connection of all the main countries of Asia, Africa and Europe, connecting every point to the main telecommunications gateways from Marseilles to Singapore and Hong Kong. 
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 fiberoptic infrastructure owned by the company is spread over 12,500 kilometers (equivalent to about 231,000 km of fiber optic cables, of which 68,000 km are located in MAN) and connects 9 Metropolitan Networks and 15 Data Centers throughout Italy. 


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5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Hotel in Melbourne

melbourne hotel

When you’re traveling to Melbourne, there are multiple things to consider during your journey. There are times when your family members and your friends are traveling with you. In order to ensure their journey with you is just as pleasing and enjoyable, there are multiple things you need to consider.

From the places you visit to the kind of hotels you want to choose, there are so many concerns. No matter what hotels you choose, you need to make sure the following accommodations are taken care of for the ease of your family and friends traveling with you:

1. Wireless Internet

If you want to ensure everyone during the journey has fun and stays connected to their friends and emergency work situations, you need to see that the hotel you have reserved has wireless internet services. Fixed wireless broadband Melbourne are the possibly most needed accommodations you need during your journey.

2. Food Service

Even if you plan on eating out throughout your journey, you need to have food service available in your room. This makes it easier for everyone to be accommodated. Food service makes it easier for everyone to consider ordering the kind of food they want to without troubling you again and again to order something. Everyone has the liberty and everyone has access to the kind of food available on the menu.

3. Spas and Gyms


Everyone has their preference of getting massages and getting their nails done, in order to ensure the hotel is some place that accommodates everyone and every activity they want, you need to make sure the gym you’re staying at has a gym and a spa. From the feminine pampering treatments to keeping up with your fitness regimens, it is easier to maintain a lifestyle even when on the go if your reserved hotel has these accommodations. You will be able to feel more comfortable at such a hotel.

4. Walking Areas

Walking areas would definitely have lawns and gardens for a morning walk to release stress and feel closer to nature. This is very important if you’re living for a few weeks to ensure you need to relax and get distance from the overwhelming feeling of traveling and pleasure.

5. Warm Water

As understated as it may sound, having warm water throughout your journey is absolutely important. From laundry to bathing and doing the occasional dishes, this is one of the best accommodations to have during your experience at any place except your own home. You need to make sure there is zero compromise on having warm water accessible for you and your family, especially if you have a baby on board. This just makes it difficult to manage his clothes, his dishes and even his bathing.

Telecommunications Service

Semitec is the Siram Group company specialized in maintenance, logistics and technological services for telecommunications. Currently owned 100% by Siram, it was founded in November 2007 and it merges with a business unit of Emicom srl, operating since 1992 in the Telecommunications sector.

For over 20 years Semitec represents a company of primary importance at a national level in the field of telecommunications infrastructures and technological, electrical and air conditioning systems, with applications both in the civil and industrial sectors.

Semitec is present throughout the territory through 19 operating units, divided into four areas throughout the Italian territory. It has about 600 employees and manages over 24,500 telecommunications sites . It offers a wide range of solutions and technological proposals: it provides for all the preparatory and planning activities necessary for carrying out the activities, such as preliminary planning and issuing of permits by public bodies, as well as executive planning, services professionals and the realization of the works. 

The excellence activities concern the complete maintenance of the technological systems, the radio base stations in the telecommunications infrastructures, the Facility Management, the Specialist Consultancy and the Problem Solving on very important critical issues on the efficiency of the plants.

This approach to the service translates into evident and immediate advantages for the Customer, who obtains from Semitec an important support for pursuing strategic objectives such as increasing the reliability of Assets and reducing energy consumption.

Costing systems for telecommunications companies

The telecommunications sector constitutes the nervous system of modern societies. This is a sector where the economies of scale linked to integration are high and where service managers are often also owners of networks.

The present work focuses on the subjects that offer telecommunications services to end users, renting the lines from the owners of the networks or arranging their own networks. In particular, our analysis focuses on the characterizing element of the sector, namely the network. The process of convergence between telecommunications, information technology and media, with the possibility of transmitting any audio, video and multimedia products via ether, cable, satellite, mobile phone and internet, has modified the requests to network managers who, thanks above all to the availability of broadband networks, must ensure the transport of huge amounts of data and images in motion.

Among the various cognitive purposes of costing systems designed for telecommunications companies, we favored the determination of the cost of commercial services, using a modular cost structure based on the gradual aggregation of variously constituted modules, from the sum of which it is possible to obtain cost configurations that can support multiple calculations of economic convenience. In fact, the modular cost makes it possible to calculate the total costs per customer, strategic business area, geographical area, ie for the dimensions of analysis that usually explain the formation of indirect costs.

Luigi Fici is an associate professor of Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tuscia and a professor of programming and control.


Luigi Fici, Preface 
The telecommunications sector: characteristics and evolutionary scenario 
(Telecommunications in modern society; Companies in the sector; The management characteristics of telecommunications companies; Deregulation and liberalization; The role of universal service; The development prospects of the sector) 
Evolution of costing systems in telecommunications companies 
(The cognitive purposes of cost analysis, econometric and engineering cost models, accounting cost models, Full Costing or Fully Allocated Cost, Direct Costing, Long Incremental Cost; Costing systems based on business activities and processes; Cost Management and strategic purposes of costing models)
Costing model: from network elements to commercial services 
(The assumptions of the costing model; The logical scheme of the costing model for the network; The production levels of indirect costs; The definition of commercial services; The functionality of the network; interconnection, the mobile network, elements of network and functional blocks, the allocation of functional blocks to network services, the transition from services to commercial services) 
costs and process performance in telecommunications companies
(Business activities and processes; The types of processes in telecommunications companies; The mapping of processes; Primary activities and support activities; From the chain to the value network; The method of calculating costs by activity; Costing system for activities and reengineering A summary of the proposed cost methodologies: the cost of the commercial service, intermediate cost aggregates and responsibility centers) 

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