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Experian ( http://www.acif.org.au ) is a global leader in information services for the prevention of credit and fraud risks, the marketing and data protection of companies and consumers. By providing data, software and analytical tools all over the world,


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The family of services dedicated to connectivity and broadband and ultra-broadband data transmission has for years distinguished Retelit in the telecommunications sector. 


The service offers dedicated Internet access designed for large companies and based on ultra-fast fiber connectivity. 


The WAN (Wide Area Network) company, for years have suffered from performance issues, bottlenecks and high latency. The adoption by companies of expensive dedicated lines has not helped to mitigate the problem.

Virtual Private Network

VPN – Virtual Private Network – is the secure solution to interconnect all the offices of a company . The Virtual Private Network service allows you to create your own intranet and connect the company’s headquarters or company to a Data Center.


The suite of Voce di Retelit services is structured to respond flexibly to the communication needs of multi-site companies. 

The aim is to guarantee a dedicated voice network and a high quality of service at advantageous prices. 

International Connectivity

The service allows to extend its international fiber connectivity also abroad, maintaining high reliability and efficiency. 


Internet for Operators and Service Providers

Retelit’s Internet services are enhanced by an Internet collection and access infrastructure and strategic agreements with the largest national and international Internet peering providers.

The solutions for direct access to the network and connection with the main national and international Internet exchanges are distinguished by high performance and flexible and diversified transmission capacity to best meet the business needs of Operators and Service Providers.

The Retelit network

With 19 of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, Retelit has created the latest generation submarine cable system connecting Europe to the Far East via Africa, the Gulf countries and South Asia.
The cable guarantees the connection of all the main countries of Asia, Africa and Europe, connecting every point to the main telecommunications gateways from Marseilles to Singapore and Hong Kong. 
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 fiberoptic infrastructure owned by the company is spread over 12,500 kilometers (equivalent to about 231,000 km of fiber optic cables, of which 68,000 km are located in MAN) and connects 9 Metropolitan Networks and 15 Data Centers throughout Italy. 


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Latest News and Guides

Women in Leadership Course- The Considerable benefits of women in leadership

In the last decade the call for women in leadership roles has boomed. The number of women leaders has grown strategically since the 1960’s. These days many companies are looking to create a diverse and fair working place for all genders.

Women can make great leaders. Female led companies often differ from male led companies. Female led companies are those which have a representation of more than 50% women in managerial positions. When research was carried out on such companies the following findings were observed:

Women led companies show better strategic policies

One strategy used by these companies is better engagement. The companies provide employees with a better sense of direction and purpose. Employees feel that they are contributing to the welfare of the company. They strive to work harder and prove their worth. Their leaders inspire them to do better because they provide motivation and show empathy when required. Women leadership courses help women at managerial positions learn the basics of being better at their work.

Businesses led by women are thought to be more effective

Women led companies have better policies of communication and company mission. The goals set by the senior members are communicated effectively all the employees. It help create a sense of belonging amongst the employees and in turn inspires them to do better.

Women can cultivate belief in the company’s products

Employees under women leadership have a stronger sense of belief in the products produced by their company. Since women are more intuitive when it comes to men, they work along with the strategy and in turn promote the belief as well. The conviction that a product actually works does more for the company then the strategy itself.

There is always a strong association between women leaders and better strategies. Women tend to select working for businesses which have a clear sense of purpose. Businesses which aim for the betterment of the society as a whole.

Also having women on board can do a great deal for the financial benefits of the company as a whole. In fact time and again research has proved that companies which have women in leadership roles generate higher revenue when compared to men led companies.

Women leaders are rated highly by their peers, their team members, employees and their bosses. This is because women leaders strive to make things happen they also tend to be more emotionally intelligent and emphatic than their male counterparts. As a result people prefer working for women because of their inclusive and understanding nature. Also women leaders tend to show a higher rate of positivity and integrity. This integrity has a direct impact on the morale of the employees. When they see that their leader has integrity and honesty as their traits, they strive to imitate those traits in themselves as well.

With changing times the tables have surely turned. There are more female leaders in companies and they serve their purpose well. It is to your company’s advantage if you organise women in leadership courses to give them opportunities to develop their skills and improve their performance.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are widely-deployed and security components in Melbourne. They have advanced features that contribute to the final pricing of the equipment. It is vital that you understand these features so that you can make the right choice.

Below are the most critical features and where they are essential.

Facial recognition

  • It allows CCTV cameras to match a person’s face with an internal database record. It helps you to recognise the person who is passing in front of the camera.
  • It is of great importance, especially where security and customer service is vital such as in banks. It can track VIP customers in hotels or recognise suspected criminals and unwanted people.
  • It is a premium feature, and therefore manufacturers don’t charge an extra fee for it.
  • It is accurate in recognising human faces than humans and computers. However, you cannot entirely rely on it.

Motion detection

It is one of the most useful features in modern-day CCTV cameras. It allows for continuous recording throughout the day in areas that are not frequently accessed.

Motion detection support allows you to set your camera to start recording when there is motion within its field of view. This allows for storage of relevant data hence saving money on storage, backup and archiving. It also eases browsing and retrieving of data when you need it.

Infrared lighting

They record objects when there is some visible light shining on them. Infrared CCTV cameras have integrated infrared LEDs that illuminate objects in their field of view even in the dark. They automatically detect the ambient light level and turn the LEDs on and of when there is a need.

Real-time alerts

It is a new feature that enables the CCTV camera to send notifications to a smartphone in response to a particular incidence such as motion detection.

Push notifications rely on very sophisticated cloud technology though they look simple. They may depend on the manufacturer’s infrastructure which will make you dependent on their security and uptime. Others allow you to use your infrastructure which makes you independent on third-party tools.

Wireless connectivity

They use wifi in communicating with the security system, and therefore they don’t use data cables. This improves your security system reliability and simplifies its installation in general. However, you need power cables and a data network that will support a continuous video stream and a wireless access point which bridges the data network and the camera.

Automatic number plate recognition

This advanced feature allows video analysis software to detect and read vehicles number plates. This feature allows for secure parking, reduction in transit lines, keep accurate and real-time data on the number of parking spaces in use.

This feature requires high-quality imaging hardware and the installation of the camera to be in a manner that ensures correct lighting, the field of view and distance.

Cloud storage

CCTV cameras use cloud resources to store and retrieve data. These storage aim two types of users: users with a large number of streams to manage and a large supporting infrastructure and those with very few streams to manage and few advanced requirements.

However, cloud storage only works with some CCTV cameras.

The importance of CCTV cameras ranges from subtle to critical depending on your requirements. They have analytic video features that make them essential in ensuring security and effective management of organisations. If you are in Melbourne consider having it installed at your home or organisation.

Gold Coast Family Lawyers

The family lawyers on the Gold Coast are led by an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Backed by decades of combined experience, they take the stress out of your family law matter. With family law, our skilled and highly trained lawyers want you to know one thing, regardless of your situation. Seeking advice early gives you the best chances of success.

With Go to Court’s Legal Hotline, there is no initial up-front cost to speak with a lawyer about your family law situation. Their Hotline Lawyers are qualified and experienced. They will listen to your case and help you decide on what you should do next.

If ensuring your children arrive at school on time means you cannot meet their Gold Coast family lawyers at their office, this is no problem. The solicitors are able to meet you where it is convenient for you. This reduces the cost, and the stress on you to our Gold Coast family lawyers can focus on getting you an outcome that is in your best interest.

The family law lawyers in Gold Coast solve cases involving:

  • Prenuptial Agreements;
  • Recognition of an Overseas Marriage;
  • Annulment of Marriage;
  • Divorce in Australia;
  • Separation
  • Custody agreements with parents about children.

Ask any Gold Coast family lawyer what they recommend their clients do from the beginning and their answer will be the same. Seek early advice. The faster you can obtain advice on where you stand, the more money, time and heartache that can be saved. Our Gold Coast lawyers deal with many common family law issues, often with great results. Some of the cases include:

Property consent orders

You and your former partner may be amicable and friendly in all things. However, the protection of your financial interests cannot be guaranteed even if you have an informal agreement. The Gold Coast family lawyers are experienced in helping their clients reach effective agreements with their former partner and obtain the consent orders that make the agreement legally binding. These give certainty to our clients’ situations without the stress of worrying if their former partner will change their mind.

Access to children and child custody

Every parent wants what is best for their child. Our Gold Coast family lawyers understand that in some cases, the other parent may not be in the position to provide the best to your children.

In an understanding bust experienced way, the Gold Coast lawyers will explain how the courts will determine who gets custody and how to enforce an order. Often, the best solutions are found by parents outside of court through mediation. The family law team are experienced in ensuring your parental rights are protected.

Separation and divorce

Many of their clients call believing that the settlement of property and child custody issues has to happen in order to obtain a divorce. This is simply not true.

The Gold Coast family lawyers will explain the requirements of separation and the procedure of obtaining a divorce. In many cases, a divorce can be obtained without requiring legal representation when the clients are pointed in the right direction in the first place.

In complicated cases where service cannot be made or when the circumstances are unusual, the team on the Gold Coast are backed by decades of combined experience to help you through it.

5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Hotel in Melbourne

melbourne hotel

When you’re traveling to Melbourne, there are multiple things to consider during your journey. There are times when your family members and your friends are traveling with you. In order to ensure their journey with you is just as pleasing and enjoyable, there are multiple things you need to consider.

From the places you visit to the kind of hotels you want to choose, there are so many concerns. No matter what hotels you choose, you need to make sure the following accommodations are taken care of for the ease of your family and friends traveling with you:

1. Wireless Internet

If you want to ensure everyone during the journey has fun and stays connected to their friends and emergency work situations, you need to see that the hotel you have reserved has wireless internet services. Fixed wireless broadband Melbourne are the possibly most needed accommodations you need during your journey.

2. Food Service

Even if you plan on eating out throughout your journey, you need to have food service available in your room. This makes it easier for everyone to be accommodated. Food service makes it easier for everyone to consider ordering the kind of food they want to without troubling you again and again to order something. Everyone has the liberty and everyone has access to the kind of food available on the menu.

3. Spas and Gyms


Everyone has their preference of getting massages and getting their nails done, in order to ensure the hotel is some place that accommodates everyone and every activity they want, you need to make sure the gym you’re staying at has a gym and a spa. From the feminine pampering treatments to keeping up with your fitness regimens, it is easier to maintain a lifestyle even when on the go if your reserved hotel has these accommodations. You will be able to feel more comfortable at such a hotel.

4. Walking Areas

Walking areas would definitely have lawns and gardens for a morning walk to release stress and feel closer to nature. This is very important if you’re living for a few weeks to ensure you need to relax and get distance from the overwhelming feeling of traveling and pleasure.

5. Warm Water

As understated as it may sound, having warm water throughout your journey is absolutely important. From laundry to bathing and doing the occasional dishes, this is one of the best accommodations to have during your experience at any place except your own home. You need to make sure there is zero compromise on having warm water accessible for you and your family, especially if you have a baby on board. This just makes it difficult to manage his clothes, his dishes and even his bathing.

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