CCTV cameras are widely-deployed and security components in Melbourne. They have advanced features that contribute to the final pricing of the equipment. It is vital that you understand these features so that you can make the right choice.

Below are the most critical features and where they are essential.

Facial recognition

  • It allows CCTV cameras to match a person’s face with an internal database record. It helps you to recognise the person who is passing in front of the camera.
  • It is of great importance, especially where security and customer service is vital such as in banks. It can track VIP customers in hotels or recognise suspected criminals and unwanted people.
  • It is a premium feature, and therefore manufacturers don’t charge an extra fee for it.
  • It is accurate in recognising human faces than humans and computers. However, you cannot entirely rely on it.

Motion detection

It is one of the most useful features in modern-day CCTV cameras. It allows for continuous recording throughout the day in areas that are not frequently accessed.

Motion detection support allows you to set your camera to start recording when there is motion within its field of view. This allows for storage of relevant data hence saving money on storage, backup and archiving. It also eases browsing and retrieving of data when you need it.

Infrared lighting

They record objects when there is some visible light shining on them. Infrared CCTV cameras have integrated infrared LEDs that illuminate objects in their field of view even in the dark. They automatically detect the ambient light level and turn the LEDs on and of when there is a need.

Real-time alerts

It is a new feature that enables the CCTV camera to send notifications to a smartphone in response to a particular incidence such as motion detection.

Push notifications rely on very sophisticated cloud technology though they look simple. They may depend on the manufacturer’s infrastructure which will make you dependent on their security and uptime. Others allow you to use your infrastructure which makes you independent on third-party tools.

Wireless connectivity

They use wifi in communicating with the security system, and therefore they don’t use data cables. This improves your security system reliability and simplifies its installation in general. However, you need power cables and a data network that will support a continuous video stream and a wireless access point which bridges the data network and the camera.

Automatic number plate recognition

This advanced feature allows video analysis software to detect and read vehicles number plates. This feature allows for secure parking, reduction in transit lines, keep accurate and real-time data on the number of parking spaces in use.

This feature requires high-quality imaging hardware and the installation of the camera to be in a manner that ensures correct lighting, the field of view and distance.

Cloud storage

CCTV cameras use cloud resources to store and retrieve data. These storage aim two types of users: users with a large number of streams to manage and a large supporting infrastructure and those with very few streams to manage and few advanced requirements.

However, cloud storage only works with some CCTV cameras.

The importance of CCTV cameras ranges from subtle to critical depending on your requirements. They have analytic video features that make them essential in ensuring security and effective management of organisations. If you are in Melbourne consider having it installed at your home or organisation.