The family lawyers on the Gold Coast are led by an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Backed by decades of combined experience, they take the stress out of your family law matter. With family law, our skilled and highly trained lawyers want you to know one thing, regardless of your situation. Seeking advice early gives you the best chances of success.

With Go to Court’s Legal Hotline, there is no initial up-front cost to speak with a lawyer about your family law situation. Their Hotline Lawyers are qualified and experienced. They will listen to your case and help you decide on what you should do next.

If ensuring your children arrive at school on time means you cannot meet their Gold Coast family lawyers at their office, this is no problem. The solicitors are able to meet you where it is convenient for you. This reduces the cost, and the stress on you to our Gold Coast family lawyers can focus on getting you an outcome that is in your best interest.

The family law lawyers in Gold Coast solve cases involving:

  • Prenuptial Agreements;
  • Recognition of an Overseas Marriage;
  • Annulment of Marriage;
  • Divorce in Australia;
  • Separation
  • Custody agreements with parents about children.

Ask any Gold Coast family lawyer what they recommend their clients do from the beginning and their answer will be the same. Seek early advice. The faster you can obtain advice on where you stand, the more money, time and heartache that can be saved. Our Gold Coast lawyers deal with many common family law issues, often with great results. Some of the cases include:

Property consent orders

You and your former partner may be amicable and friendly in all things. However, the protection of your financial interests cannot be guaranteed even if you have an informal agreement. The Gold Coast family lawyers are experienced in helping their clients reach effective agreements with their former partner and obtain the consent orders that make the agreement legally binding. These give certainty to our clients’ situations without the stress of worrying if their former partner will change their mind.

Access to children and child custody

Every parent wants what is best for their child. Our Gold Coast family lawyers understand that in some cases, the other parent may not be in the position to provide the best to your children.

In an understanding bust experienced way, the Gold Coast lawyers will explain how the courts will determine who gets custody and how to enforce an order. Often, the best solutions are found by parents outside of court through mediation. The family law team are experienced in ensuring your parental rights are protected.

Separation and divorce

Many of their clients call believing that the settlement of property and child custody issues has to happen in order to obtain a divorce. This is simply not true.

The Gold Coast family lawyers will explain the requirements of separation and the procedure of obtaining a divorce. In many cases, a divorce can be obtained without requiring legal representation when the clients are pointed in the right direction in the first place.

In complicated cases where service cannot be made or when the circumstances are unusual, the team on the Gold Coast are backed by decades of combined experience to help you through it.