Numbers harbour emotional cues that we project on them. Buying a shirt on sale for 25% off varies from having to pay 25% interest on your amount due when missing a payment deadline. It is apparent that no one should entertain a credit card company with such outrageous terms. However, the example shows that numbers matter and accountants provide incredible services. From at-home budgeting to corporate business numerical analyses for financial projections, accountants are multifaceted, stringent, yet dynamic workers. Accounting is cloaked with endless stereotypes that assume that occupation is mundane and tedious. Recent trends have encouraged talk about whether accounts have been sought after less; hinting to a declining accountant industry. When considering technological advancements, this is a fair assumption until true data is met. According to Job Outlook, an Australian Government website.

Of course, in the last few years, accountant employment rates increased to about 3 times higher than other occupations in Australia. They also suggested that by the year 2020 the number of accountants in Australia could raise to nearly 220 000. Understandable, the accounting industry may differ region to region; hence Hervey Bay, AU, accountants will be the focal point here.

Accountant study requirements

Qualifying fully as an accountant involves being a Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) certified. To begin undertaking an accountant career through CA or CPA study paths, commerce, business or a related bachelor’s degree must be obtained. It is possible to start a career utilising an undergraduate degree and past work experiences to prove being qualified, yet CPA or CA qualification resembles the English PhDs undergraduate English majors seek to become well-paid teachers.  CPA or CA qualification is needed to stand out against the professional competition.

Hervey Bay accountant’s role in Australia’s accounting industry

The Federal Department of Jobs and Small Businesses gathered that as of 2017, about 190,000 accountants were working in Australia. A good fraction of this number was represented by Hervey Bay accountants.

They are paid well

On average Australian accountants make a gross pay of up to $1,400 or more a week; this is about $200 higher than the average gross pay of other reputable professions. The outlining factor in accountant salaries is that experience matters and determines salary. With graduate accountants making on average $50,000 a year, this makes accounting one of the higher paid professions in Australia.

Extremely skilled and exceptionally trained

Unlike other places like the United States, where secondary or, even, third option educational avenues are popularly pursued to reach career goals, Australian, namely Hervey Bay, professionals tend to go after things head on. Most accountants in Australia hold bachelor’s degrees and have finished postgraduate studies. This route is taken because it is needed to become a qualified Chartered Accountant and successfully have a professional accounting career.

They work 8+ hours

Now this tie into how the average yearly earnings of accountants are made up. 80% of accounting jobs require full-time employment. Deciphering whether this is bad or good entirely depends on the life factors of an individual pursuing accounting, yet it is safe to say most recent qualified graduates desire such hours to jump-start their financial standing. And like with many white-collar careers with more experience and tenure under one’s belt, more free time is accumulated in the form of increased sick days, paid-time-off, and, well needed, vacation time.

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