SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is a marketing strategy that allows different websites to be visible through search engines. Some of the biggest search engines, like Google, use SEO as a way to allow organic traffic to flow to different websites by funneling down to the best results that fit what a customer is researching. Not only do search engines use SEO, but Amazon, Wikipedia, and YouTube (which is owned by Google) are also popular sites that use SEO to provide the most relevant search results to customers.  Search engines use SEO to collect information about everything that can be found on the internet. From different types of content like videos, or books, SEO basically makes sure that a website can be found by using relevant words or phrases.


Keywords in a website’s URL is the best way to get ranked higher and to be presented on the first page of a search engine’s results. There are many different channels of marketing that can be found through SEO. Different niches like traveling, food, or writing would be ranked differently, depending on what a person is looking for. Adding videos on the homepage of a website is a good marketing strategy to get detected by SEO. Some businesses use YouTube as a way to drive traffic to their websites, by linking their website in the description box. Also, if an SEO detects an image, that can be a good way to get noticed on the first page of search results.


Although it is possible to get on the first page of a result search for a small company, Google does generate websites that produce a lot of traffic on its own. The reason behind this is because the SEO system wants to make sure that people doing research are getting the best results. As a result, companies have to choose their keywords carefully when creating marketing strategies. Companies spend thousands of dollars on SEO marketing strategies to make sure their content is ranked high on search engines. Google also has trained search evaluating experts that are hired to determine the quality of the results that SEO produces and detect spam from the results.


Many people don’t get penalized on Google for using the same content, so many smaller businesses may be seen using the same marketing strategies to get their websites ranked high on search engine’s list of websites. Even though this allows smaller businesses to get a leg in the race, SEO also ranks pages higher by the speed produced by the websites. If there is a website that runs slow, Google’s SEO team can detect that, pushing a website further down the results pages.


There is so much more information about SEO that businesses use to get their websites on the first few pages of the search results. Although it is an organic way to put the most relevant results out there for consumers, businesses spend thousands of dollars doing research and finding the best marketing strategies to get their websites noticed. Find a leading search engine optimisation company to boost your business.