Semitec is the Siram Group company specialized in maintenance, logistics and technological services for telecommunications. Currently owned 100% by Siram, it was founded in November 2007 and it merges with a business unit of Emicom srl, operating since 1992 in the Telecommunications sector.

For over 20 years Semitec represents a company of primary importance at a national level in the field of telecommunications infrastructures and technological, electrical and air conditioning systems, with applications both in the civil and industrial sectors.

Semitec is present throughout the territory through 19 operating units, divided into four areas throughout the Italian territory. It has about 600 employees and manages over 24,500 telecommunications sites . It offers a wide range of solutions and technological proposals: it provides for all the preparatory and planning activities necessary for carrying out the activities, such as preliminary planning and issuing of permits by public bodies, as well as executive planning, services professionals and the realization of the works. 

The excellence activities concern the complete maintenance of the technological systems, the radio base stations in the telecommunications infrastructures, the Facility Management, the Specialist Consultancy and the Problem Solving on very important critical issues on the efficiency of the plants.

This approach to the service translates into evident and immediate advantages for the Customer, who obtains from Semitec an important support for pursuing strategic objectives such as increasing the reliability of Assets and reducing energy consumption.